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Jen (Parow) Cronk

Wow Kevin... CONGRATULATIONS! I am very very happy for you... and encouraged by you and have confidence in you! You are a natural and you belong doing what you love and to say you are good at it is a HUGE understatement! I'm not even going to waste my time looking for an approrpiate and justifying word because I dont think there is one. So glad to see you happy and content and beyond excited... best wishes as you continue on your journey! And thanks for sharing.


Thanks Jen! I appreciate your kind words. :)

Stephanie Sesic Greer

Congratulations! And hey, this makes my career as a poet and part-time college instructor seem so much less like fucking off and so much more like spiritual commitment! Seriously, you're not my first friend who's come to a similar conclusion in their thirties regarding what's really important. Pouring your creative energies into things that you love doing is obviously a much better way to deal with mortality than is working more and buying more and watching more TV, and it's fairly maddening that society encourages and rewards the latter more than the former.


Thanks Stephanie! You know, I've never been able to shake the spirit of study at both Utica College and Kent State University. While the pay was low, there was intellectual freedom and encouragement to explore. Those kinds of experiences are the ones that often enrich us, and the deeper one gets into a career, the less that is encouraged. Work is cool, but it doesn't have always be about more, more, more. Otherwise, what are we living for?

I'll see you Monday night at Comedy class.

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